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What is Bitcoin and what made it Popular

With the unstoppable growth of innovative digital platforms, acquiring or marketing products and services making immediate electronic transactions anywhere in the world or simply using realtime money exchange channels has become a pleasant reality having in cryptocurrencies, the necessary complement to consolidate a virtual system completely, reliable, easy and safe to use.

Cryptos are virtual assets or digital currencies, that means, they do not physically exist nor do they need to be managed by any specific institution or banking controller. They operate under a modern special cryptographic encryption system through which the generation of new units is controlled and regulated and security parameters are established to verify and protect transactions between users.

What’s a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was born in 2009, from the ingenuity of a curious Japanese programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto, who had been working for some years on the creation of a completely independent or decentralized virtual payment model from traditional banking or financial systems. As of that year, it stands as the first cryptocurrency officially known to the world, becoming a pioneer of this modality of virtual transactions and paving the way for the creation of other cryptos, some currently consolidated and stable, and others that have failed miserably.

Why is bitcoin so popular?

Bitcoin has established itself in the last 5 years as the most stable and reliable cryptocurrency of all virtual systems, a situation that has led to a significant increase in its percentage commercial value since every day there are millions and millions of people who join this novel commercial modality and hundreds of thousands of businesses, companies and small businesses that are beginning to accept it around the world.
As a method of payment or monetary exchange, BTC offers one of the easiest and most comfortable virtual systems to use, presenting a structural operation completely independent of any centralized system that wants to govern it, which added to the maximum security provided through blockchain technology. , their unstoppable popularity increases every day throughout the world.

Why do we prefer crypto at Pinkgp?

The use of currencies or virtual currencies in any type of trade has become a real need today since through this digital service it is possible to increase the commercial scope of any product they are greatly facilitated payments through fast, easy, cheap and secure transactions and also considerably reduces the possibility of virtual scam so common in other means of payment due to its original decentralized system and irreversible commercial modality once the transaction is approved which avoids chargebacks.

why should you prefer BTC over other Cryptos

There are countless factors that make bitcoin the virtual currency par excellence and highlight its preference over other currencies of this type, highlighting among them:

It is cheap: the cost of transfers in BTC its cheap, the current virtual market got multiple fee’s but overall you will find lower fees, it deppends on the wallet or exchange you’re going to use, some of them even has 0 fee when sending an internal payment, example: Coinbase to coinbase or Binance to Binance.

Speed ​​and reliability: transactions in this crypto depend on a very easy and fast process, which in some cases can be completed in a period of between 2 and 5 minutes.

Less volatile market: being a market completely controlled by the volume of transactions between users, bitcoin presents a commercial behavior subject to supply and demand between them, which positively and significantly varies its percentage value with respect to other cryptos making their variations less abrupt.

Maximum Security: BTC has an integral protection of its central core of completely impenetrable operation, staying in operation without interruptions since 2012, which has been designed and is sheltered in a World War II bunker capable of withstanding the onslaught of nature and nuclear attacks.

Open for everyone: Anyone that has access to internet can use bitcoins, also the blockchain explorer allows users to track the confirmations of any payment going throught. this dont mean the anonimity will be in danger, since you can only track a wallet or hash.

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