World of Warcraft

About The game:

World of Warcraft is the most famous MMORPG among the most dedicated players of the genre.
Blizzard Ent Present us a renewed character customization system where we choose our faction, races and classes to embark on their vast world and expansions, with endless quests, location events at any time of the Warcraft history.
Playing your characters in either horde or alliance we can start playing in party with our friends or alone through the leveling phase in azeroth. you can get hundreds of hours for missions, doing dungeons, competitive pvp or pve.
If you’re looking for an experience faithful to its beginnings you can venture to WoW Classic and relive your memories when it came out in 2004.

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World Of Warcraft Gold

WoW Currency is based on 3 coins. copper, Silver and Gold the first two being useful only at the beginning of your adventure through the game.
However the high cost and demand of items in the market will make you deal with gold along your experience in the game
which makes it a need in order to speed up your leveling and buying some necessary items, mounts, and supplies.

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Blizzard Accounts

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WoW Powerleveling and Boosting

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