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What is Runescape

Known Aswell as Runescape 3 is by far one of the most popular Fantasy MMORPG games of all times, developed by Java Gaming Experts (Jagex Ltd.)
used to be a browser game built in java but got updated to become what we know today. a massive game with over 200 Million of created accounts
Awarded  with the guinness World Record as the largest and most updated on his category. Released in July 2013 the RS3 Version.

What is Old School Runescape

Known Aswell as OSRS,  Runescape 2007 or 2007scape Gets named this way due to being started from a 2007 backup of the game. announced in the 13/02/2013 becoming popular due to the  users that missed the old features and raw game without newest updates.
it Became a big success giving the starting point for basically a variant of the game with his own system, a lot of servers and own updates and votings the rs07 version of runescape got over 10 Million accounts  and over 50 servers, the key of this game is the constant updates along with the built  community.

How Much Money is Runescape Gold Worth?

Runescape gold prices are based on offer and demand, its a living market that keeps changing every moment. Updates with new content, Removal of Wealth in the game and bot busting are the ones that takes a part into the change of prices everyday. Currently OSRS Gold price is sitting around the 0.5$ per Mil, and around 0.11$ per Mil for RS3. However it also deppends on your payment methods and ammount to purchase, yes! the ammount, we’re able to get you discounts for bulk anytime.

you might be wondering how is that the runescape coins are worth that, well everyone has needs in the game, buying gear, supplies, paying for services or restocking to gotta the sand casino, some fees might apply when you buy runescape gold however we’re always looking to minimze your payment and get the best deal for you.

Where can i purchase my gold

Look no more! you are at the right place. PinkGP’s Services offers you the cheapest Runescape Gold, taking multiple trustful payment methods to fulfill all your demands.
we got a quick delivery time along with the best customer service and agents. we’re working from 9am –  10PM -4 GMT.

Is there a minimun and maximun ammount?

If you’re looking to Sell Runescape Gold we take a minimun of 10M gp for bitcoins (Binance or Coinbase) and national bank transfers in Venezuela. For paypal a minimun of 25M (we dont pay fee’s and sent as Payment of services).  There’s not a limit in the maximun to sell however the offer can vary between quantities.

If you want to purchase RSGP  the minimun would be deppending on your payment method, starting on 10M for sending throught bitcoins if you got coinbase or Binance to  avoid fee’s. for the maximun ammount feel free to ask what the stock is at the moment that you want to place the order. we got enough suppliers to fill any of your orders at any time.


Can You Get Banned for Buying Gold in Runescape?

We would like to say no bans at all, but since the methods to detect real world trade are implemented by jagex we still manage to offer the safest trading practices with a 99.9% of success, either using members accounts, no lvl 3 ones and clean ips for every single one.
This means if you’re a regular user theres a really small chance to get your account penalized for it but its not likely to happen, you gotta know this practice goes against jagex rules and its at your own risk.

How Can i Sell My Runescape Gold

Here in PinkGP we offer the highest rates for your Osrs gold and Rs3 Gold, having multiple payment methods available all you gotta do is contact an agent throught live chat, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Discord. Let them know how much gold and what payment method you’d like to receive. you will get the world and RSN to trade.
Once you’ve done it send your details and your payment will be processed within few minutes. then proceed to leave us your review in Trustpilot

How Can i Check PinkGP Reputation

We have over 4 years working in the runescape market. if you came here throught a referal you might have heard from us,  if thats not the case we make it easy for you. in the Facebook Fanpage we got 5 Stars Rating, you can check our Trustpilot and also Forums like Sythe for Vouches. PinkGP