Infernal Cape

infernal max cape osrs

Probably the best thing about RuneScape Old School, and one of the reasons to be in the top of the best mmorpg games with a huge player base is the great variety of content that exist within this univese named Gielinor. The infernal Cape is the Best in Slot Melee Cape in Osrs.

From unique Weapons To armour sets, jewelry to limited event objects, Osrs has many ways to customize your character to fit your ideal hero. Each of these elements offers you a great deal of benefits that are tailored to meet the needs of each type of players. offense, defense, utility, whatever you need there’s an item for it.

Beating the Inferno

Cheaper than Alch and boglagold

The inferno is one of the most challenging content included in the game available after completing the Fight caves, the infernal cape (also known as inferno cape or lava cape) is a powerful version of the fire cape, and can onl be obtained after beating the TzKal-Zuk in the minigame.

Numbers wise, the cape is arguably the best melee cape in runescape providing a huge overall boost in all offensive bonuses, beating the other capes with the highest bonus slash attack, but also offers unparalleled defensive stats when compared to the rest.

How to get infernal cape

PinkGP Team offering the best value Infernal Cape service for Runescape 2007 (RS07). Safest and Cheapest inferno around the market done via remote, vpn or proxy for the safety of your account.

If you want a quote feel free to send us the details throught live chat and an agent will guide you throught the process. if you dont have the Runescape Gold to pay for the Cape you can easily Buy Gold From Us to have your gear or pay directly with your currency at the current exchange rate for osrs gp.

We can offer the service worldwide, Atleast a 10MB upload speed is needed, you should be conected preferably throught ethernet cable if done throught remote. Recomended +94 Magic/Ranged with Augury/Rigour.


Most Frequent Questions

How long to get the service done?

You’re always allowed to ask if there’s a queue for the infernal capes throught the live chat.
We place services on a first-come, first-served basis, this means after your payment is confirmed you should contact us and you already have a spot to schedule the cape in the most convenient time for both. Waiting time is usually from
1 to 48 hours.

Can i purchase it if i play on mobile?

Yes you can! But in order to be done remotely you need a desktop pc. otherway you’re only elegible to get it don via Vpn/Proxy

Is it safe to pay for an infernal service?

Even when jagex put a lot of resources into finding out who get services on their accounts and removes them once a while, the risk its really low specially when your order it via remote. 

What happens if i get caught paying for an infernal cape?

If you get caught for paying someone else to get your infernal cape done for you, the cape will be removed from your account and you will be suspended for 7-16 days in your account. 

Is it worth to pay for inferno services?

Considering this is one of the most challenging content in Old School Runescape, trying to learn it can be really frustrating and difficult specially if you’re not good at bossing. In the learning process you will waste a lot of supplies and time, thats why this service exist. we offer you a quick and painless infernal cape done with the bare minimum gear available on your account.

Can i get the cape on any account?

We can get your cape done in any of the builds of accounts, however you must match the minimum requirements to have it done with no issues.

What are the Requirements?

The minimun requirements for your account is +85 Range, +70 Magic 

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