Get your quest cape with the fastest  delivery time and affordable price. Starting at any point we have the best workers with years of experience in the market. Questing is never been faster.
Bundles for Questing From Scratch, Bgloves, Ds2, MM2, Quest Cape, Diaries & Favours.


PinkGP’s Services  offer the better Skilling Services.
+4 years working and offering the best of the deals for any build of account that you need to train. Any method, Account and skill can be maxed  in record time with us. Asking is free, get your quote now.


Here you can order  any minigame you need, from Pest control points for Void or Barbarian assault, Mage Training Arena, Wintertodt, Fight caves for firecape, Infernal capes and more! Just ask for your desired  item and we’ll make it real.

Custom Orders!

Your Order don’t fit the other services stated above? dont worry! you can contact us  throught Discord or Live chat. Give us the details of your order and we can work out a price for it. From Ironman Supplies, Boss Kc’s, Skilling, Farm/Birdhouses Runs, Gathering Items, Pet Hunting, Banking Supplies etc. 

Services on Demands

Quality of Services
Good service, 100% reliable and recommended person
Marcos Isaac
100% recomendable, excelente servicio
I bought a lot of gp from him, and he also did some training services for my 10/10 trade excellent website
Fernando Diaz
Excellent attention and service, fast and efficient, recommended.
Hebert Jose Vargas
I bought from them like 50m today, they got my order ready in no time, fast delivery, excelent service, they are very helpfull folks. keep the good work.
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