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Sell your Gold to us here! ¿Why should you sell us?

Here in PinkGP We have the best services in all the mmorpg market, selling to us will always be your best choice, we are offering multiple payment methods along with the higher buying rates and faster payment, in a period of 5 – 10 minutes you can exchange your gold to any irl currency so easy thanks to the great team we have to ensure your money and make every customer happy, Buying Dfo (dungeon fighter online) gold, runescape old school gold, runescape 3 gold using all the payment methods avaliable.

If you need some irl money or product that we have in stock in exchange for your gold you are in the right place, talk now to our agents in the live chat and make yourself happy and get some extra cash out of enjoying and having fun playing your favorite games.


How can you sell gold to us?

Sell gold to us its really easy, just make sure you follow the next steps:

– Message us to the live chat to talk with someone from our team, let us know the ammount and payment method you want.

 – You will receive the place to meet and who you will trade.

 – Before trading be sure to do it to the right character, we will tell you that information, you need to confirm before acepting the trade to avoid mistakes.

 – Once we have received the GP give us your payment information to send it.

 – When you finally confirm the payment is sent, leave your feedback or vouch about the service you’ve received.

 – We advice all the users to read Terms and Conditions.

 – Any question feel free to ask the agent in the live chat.

Payment Methods

Zelle: USA
Cashapp: USA
Coinbase: Crypto
Binance: Crypto
Local Btc: Crypto
Banco Mercantil: Venezuela
Banco Banesco: Venezuela
Pago Movil: Venezuela
Pesos: Peru, Chile, Colombia
Soles: Peru
Reais: Brasil
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