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Gold farming the best work in 2021

Gold Farming, the best work in 2021

With the worsening of an excessive financial economic crisis that has hit many countries around the world since the arrival of the “21st” century, significantly aggravated since the beginning of 2020 by the ruthless COVID-19 pandemic, the technological or virtual media have become turned into a feasible tool to try to alleviate this difficult situation a bit, having a great diversity of web platforms such as forums for freelancer writers, Gold Farming, advertising web pages or PTC sites, social networks, sites for youtubers or video publishing, and the increasingly famous online video games, which after certain stages of initiation and consolidation, allow users generate and access extra economic income through digital payment mechanisms.


So dramatic is the situation that in some Asian countries and Latin America especially in Venezuela, there have been numerous stories of young people who, given the lack of job opportunities or the possibility of continuing their college and university they have dedicated to developing multiple virtual activities, with which they have reached a certain economic stability that allows them to at least bring bread to their table every day, all this subject to certain basic requirements such as the availability of the necessary equipment to carry out said activity.

Some of these important technological modalities, especially that of online games, have managed to become strongly popular today and show significant growth every day, a phenomenon mainly attributed to the ease that they provide to work from home in a comfortable and direct way. managing to maintain millions of users around the world who are capable of staying many hours a day connected to their mobile devices or personal computers in search of progressing in their different levels.

Best Games for Gold Farming

The term “farming” from which the word farming comes refers to the cultivation, or the ability to produce some element within a certain field, a well-known word in the world of video games to refer to the possibility of generating or accumulating benefits specifically described depending on the type of game, which have a pre-established value in it, which perfectly combined with the word gold, would be clearly understood as the absolute purpose of producing the greatest amount of profit or wealth possible within the game.
Among the best games to make money or those most recommended today by the most important specialists in the field are the MMORPG games for example: Runescape, World of Warcraft, Albion online, Dungeon Fighter Online etc. which have among their varied alternatives the possibility of farming gold, an interesting alternative contentive to play and level up in order to get as many points or credits as possible in the virtual world of the game, obtain valuable objects or special powers, which can later be exchanged for real money through some websites designed for it.
This interesting and innovative way of making money while you play has quickly become an expeditious and very practical way to establish a remunerative system of extra economic income, although for those beginner or novice players who aspire to become future gold-farmers, their first experiences They will require a lot of patience, tenacity and perseverance, since surely at the beginning they will not be profiting as much as in the end game content, whatsoever once you start becoming an experienced user you’ll find ways to optimize your activities to earn more and more.

How much money do gold farmers make

This being a tricky question due to the amplitude of the methods for making money farming gold we could try and get an average. the ammount of money a gold farmer can make will always be calculated in a period of time this being hours or days. there are a lot of possibilities but for this purpose we are going to pick 2. first one being afk money making methods and the second one would be the ones that requires full attention to what you are doing.

first one would allow you to play multiple accounts at once, afk methods dont usually give the best profit but if you combine multiple accounts doing the same you can really stack up the profits easily. second one is easier to calculate, if we take an example about runescape one of the most popular goldfarming methods would be vorkath. doing it with the proper equipment makes around 1-1.5$ per hour, which can be more when you hit the rare item drops. of course there are many tricks and ways to increase profits either in this or another game.

We can consider an average of 1$ per hour, rates always change and some days you could be making more usd than other days, also each game has his own economy and market system, if you want to learn more about which games to play to earn money while having fun you’re in the right place.

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