Our Payment Methods

We have different payment methods avaliable for all the transactions you can do with us here in PinkGP. Cyptos, Payoneer, Paypal. Have in mind you should ask first to an agent of our live chat to know if your favorite payment method is avaliable. Every payment method has differents fees, rates and minimun to make a purchase/sale with us.


World wide currency

One of the most used currencies around the world, its just one of the choices that you can use when trading with us.

Bitcoins, Ethereum, LittleCoin


We can make payments, receive and exchange Cryptosd!

Online Bank transfer

Mercantil Bank

Fast and easy online payment



Make your purchase/sale or exchange your paypal here!

Online Bank transfer


Quick and safe payment throught banesco

Next on 2019

Another payment methods?

We are looking to offer different choices for the safety and confort of our customers, we will be working on getting many payment methods avaliable to be able to send payments to any place in world.